Field Trips

Plan your class field trip this Fall at Spider Hall Farm!

Your School Field Trip page includes:

• A corn maze full of interesting agricultural facts.
• A guided hayride
• Pick-your-own pumpkin patch
• Corn Box
• Lessons created to adhere to the curriculum guidelines that are taught by our experienced instructional staff
• Follow-up in-classroom lesson from Mrs. Moo

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10. Owned and operated Calvert County farm by 7th generation Calvert County farming family.
9. Authentic field trip on a working Calvert County farm where crops provide food, fiber and fuel for USA.
8. Experience speaks for itself- family has over 100 combined years of educational & farming experience.
7. Trained, professional, friendly staff-will customize your trip to meet the your needs.
6. Your field trip may include a follow up, in-classroom lesson by Mrs. Moo designed for your curriculum.
5. Visit the farm in October. Mrs. Moo is available to visit your classroom the other months.
4. Pick a pumpkin from a real pumpkin patch, take a hayride, walk through a corn maze, visit educational exhibits, learn about agriculture with hands on activities, discover your part in Calvert County heritage and culture.
3. Great value as low as $8 per child. Teachers and staff are always free.
2. Fun and protected environment for children and adults. Teaches respect for our natural environment, while maintaining healthy respect for each other.
1. Keep Calvert LOCAL. Our farm serves residents of Maryland. This is the heart of LOCAL.

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Our second graders have been going to Spider Hall Farm for the last several years. Every year, we are more than satisfied. Mrs. Moo does a pre-trip visit to ensure that the team covers exactly what we're teaching. Her management of the students and groups is better than any I've seen on a field trip in my 12 years of teaching. Not only is our on-site visit fun and educational, but Mrs. Moo's team makes a follow up visit to our school. We do a day of rotations with games and lessons to solidify what they've learned. Her love of agriculture and students is second to none. We will continue to visit our local farm and farmers for years to come. ~Calvert County Second Grade Teacher

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